Blue Heron Coaching respects your right to privacy and complies with obligations under GDPR.  This website Privacy Statement details how Blue Heron Coaching handles data you may provide while visiting this website.

Please note, by visiting this website you are accepting the terms detailed in this website Privacy Statement.

What do we mean by data?

Personal Data:

This refers to data that you have submitted voluntarily and that identifies you and may include:

-Your Name

-Your Email Address

-Your Phone Number

And any other identifiable details you may include in a message box.

Non-Personal Data

This refers to data that this website collects for statistical purposes and can include non-personal data about the device you used to visit the website or the number of pages viewed for example:

-IP address (set of numbers) identifies one or more devices on a computer network

-Cookies which are small pieces of data sent from the website and then stored on a user’s computer by their web browser while they are browsing.

How we collect Personal Data

Data is collected when you voluntarily complete any of the following online forms / collection notices:

-Online Contact Form

-Online Booking Form

-Online Subscription Form to 7 Steps Guide

and any other online forms that request submission of personal data.

Purpose of collecting Personal Data

Data is collected for legitimate business interests including:

-to respond to visitor enquiries about Blue Heron Coaching services

-to arrange appointments for visitors

-to offer professional service packages to visitors

-to provide guides and tips to visitors

The data collected on this website is not excessive and controls are in place to review and delete data that is no longer required for business or marketing purposes.

Data shared with 3rd Parties

Data may be shared with 3rd party suppliers that are approved processors on the Blue Heron Coaching website. For example:


-Mail Munch



Rights of individuals

Clients of Blue Heron Coaching should refer to the Blue Heron Data Privacy Policy for further information.

Retention of Data

A retention policy is in place for personal data collected by Blue Heron Coaching to find out more please refer to the Blue Heron Data Privacy Policy


Should you need any further assistance, please contact us at:

Blue Heron Coaching

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Email: Tel: 087 634 9664